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Text Your Ex Back is a relationship product that promises to get you and your ex back together again. It offers a step by step approach on relationship mishaps and how to fix the problem using primarily your mobile phone as a tool.
Who Made It?
Just like any other guy, Mike Fiore has had his share of relationships. Unlike others however, he has taken it to a whole new level by comprehensively studying relationships and finding out exactly how to get his ex-back by texting. text your ex back Many of the tips and strategies here are developed by Mike firsthand and perfected over the years!
How Does It Work?
Text Your Ex Back offers help through a step-by-step approach, consisting of 11 different modules for you to follow. It’s an incredibly comprehensive system that covers initial breakup all the way to how to keep your ex with you the minute you get him or her back.
Module 1 – contains introductory reviews on the product by past users
Module 2 – called The Dumper and the Dumped, this module talks about the root of the problem by helping you figure out why you broke up in the first place
Module 3 – this modules help you establish your goal and what future you want to have for your relationship
Module 4 – this is called Flight Check, containing information on how to assess your emotions before contacting your ex
Module 5 – Text Judo, in here you’ll find out exactly how to approach you ex through SMS messaging. The goal of this module is to bring back the positive emotion your ex has for you
Module 6 – Across the Bow Texts offers tips on how to make that first initial contact with your ex
Module 7 – Prepping the Soil talks about how to make your ex relive the old happy memories of you two together
Module 8 – The Green Eyed Monster offers tips and techniques on how to inspire jealousy in your ex and make him/her want you back!
Further Text Your Ex Back modules include: Planting the Seeds, Reaping the Harvest and finally: Texting Steady. The last one details how to keep things going well as soon as you and your ex are on excellent terms again.
Is it For Males or Females?
That’s the beauty of Text Your Ex Back – it contains two different tutorials both for male and female. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you want your boyfriend or girlfriend back; the program contains information to cover all bases.
What are Pros of Text Your Ex Back?
Text Your Ex Back is delivered electronically, which means that you don’t have to wait long after making payment
Information is provided in three different formats: PDF, video and audio. This lets you choose your favored medium
Text Your Ex Back cost is reasonable and the payment can be made through different methods
Comprehensive and very easy to understand
The product comes with several bonuses including: Infidelity Buster, Facebook Romance Secrets, and Ways to Instant Forgiveness
There are more than 100 templates for text messaging!
Does It Come With a Warranty?
Two months should be more than enough to use the instructions provided through Text Your Ex Back. The author is so confident of this fact that he promises to provide you with a FULL refund if returned within 60 days of purchase!

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